In the ancient times, people could easily drink olive oil. Now you can, too.

 Olive is a fruit, and olive oil is fruit juice. All olives in Mudanya meadow are coal black, and are suitable for the dining table. As you go south from the Marmara region, color of the oil turns dark brown and yellow, while its size decreases, it gets less full, and its seed becomes bigger. For this reason, black olive has more vitamin value; it is more fruitful. The bigger and ripe fruit gets, more juice it provides. Normally, oil of the olive is extracted from ripe olive. However, nowadays people who seek different tastes, who look for a different product, collect olives which are neither ripe nor dark yet, and extract oil from them. This is called early harvest olive oil. Early harvest oil is like raw peach: Its taste is yet to mature, and it does not have the qualities of the ripe olive. Have you ever heard of “Early harvest peach juice” or “Early harvest apple juice”? What can you really get from a small and raw fruit? Early harvest olive oil has a short lifespan. It is likely to become bitter after the first six months. Real olive oil is extra-virgin olive oil, produced with ripe olives.*

THE KEY FACTOR  is the temperature during the extraction process. Olive oil produced at the temperature of 18C- 24C provides highest vitamin values of the olive fruit. However, in order to produce more olive oil, this temperature is raised up to 48C, causing the most valuable vitamins to vaporize. 

“Antique Oil” (Antik Yað) is extracted from the black ripe olive of the Mudanya meadow. Acid level of our olive oil ranges between 0.5 and 0.8, which makes it easily drinkable.

You no longer have to worry about various extraction procedures. I am offering you the single-type olive oil that my family use. These are my olives, I have this oil extracted in a fully-certified oil plant. I supervise the whole process because I and my family personally use it as well.

My aim is to produce olive oil of the ancient times using modern techniques. That’s why our olive oil is named Antique Oil. I do not have any commercial concerns, I just want to share my olive oil with everyone.

NOTE: In Mudanya meadow, olive harvest begins after first snow falls around Uludað region. For this reason, the temperature of the environment is at most 20C. Ripe black olives collected for Antique Oil are extracted within 6 hours. Otherwise, olive fruit begins to lose its healthy minerals and vitamins. In Roman Empire, olives extracted after  a day has passed were used in olive lamps

With natural press products, the oil can oxidize.

(Information provided by Ümmühan Tibet, President of National Olive and Olive Oil Council: http://www.uzzk.org)